To assist election officials in creating and putting together materials about a wide variety of topics that affect their operations, education, and outreach, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission aims to provide toolkits that can be used by elections offices. Providing these resources is important to assist election officials with their outreach. Many of the resources in the toolkits listed below are customizable to various degrees, depending on what the elections office needs. Below are the compiled toolkits.

Check back for upcoming toolkits.

Help America Vote Day (August 16, 2022) - A toolkit with graphics, draft social media content, and other information is available for election officials to use to recruit poll workers and participate in Help America Vote Day.  We understand many state and local election offices have their own forms and online information for the recruitment of poll workers. Feel free to use your jurisdiction’s direct links and customize the graphics as you share information on August 16th. 

Communicating Election and Post-Election Processes Toolkit - This toolkit can be used to create educational materials about pre- and post-election processes that observers and the public can understand. Election officials in any size jurisdiction can adapt this toolkit to fit their observer and voter education needs.

Best Practices: FAQs for Election Officials - One of the best ways to educate the public is for election officials to proactively and consistently provide accurate and timely information to voters. The purpose of this toolkit is to provide election officials with messaging guidance, infographic facts sheets, social media graphics, social media text, and example FAQs, that can easily be shared on websites and social media platforms to inform voters about important election procedures. 

Poll Worker Recruitment and National Poll Worker Recruitment Day Toolkit - The EAC has compiled a variety of resources election officials can use as they recruit poll workers and plan for Election Day including social media graphics, videos, and more. If you have materials you would like added to these resources please email



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