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Grants Management and Oversight

Thursday, July 27, 2023


The Election Assistance Commission Office of Grants Management (EAC/OGM) is responsible for awarding, distributing, and monitoring grant funds authorized by Congress under the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). The EAC/OGM works closely with grantees to ensure the appropriate use of funds and provides regular grant training and technical assistance to grantees. The grants office also negotiates indirect cost rates with grantees, resolves audit findings on the use of HAVA funds, and reports to Congress on grant expenditures and activities.

Since the EAC was founded in 2003, the agency has distributed and supported the effective administration of more than $4 billion in Congressionally appropriated HAVA funds.

Help America Vote Act (HAVA)

The United States Congress passed the Help America Vote Act in 2002 to make reforms to the nation’s election systems. The Election Assistance Commission distributes and oversees the disbursement of funds appropriated to states through HAVA. Read more about HAVA here.

Federal funding authorized under HAVA helps states to (a) meet the standards of HAVA Title III, including: voting systems standards; provisional voting and voting information; statewide voter registration lists; voting by mail, and (b) improve the administration of elections for federal office.

Grant Funding

The EAC awards two types of HAVA grants:
    1. HAVA Formula Grants
    The HAVA formula funds are awarded to states and U.S. territories for improving the administration of elections for federal office. States do not compete for formula funding but must submit applications and meet specified requirements. Grant award amounts are calculated by a formula based on proportionate voting age population. HAVA formula grants are subject to HAVA and 2 CFR 200 with the HAVA requirements taking precedence.
    2. Discretionary Grants
     HAVA discretionary grants are awarded to eligible recipients on a competitive basis. Grant applications are reviewed and scored based on selection criteria outlined in the Notice of Funding Opportunity. HAVA discretionary grants include the HAVA College Program. These grants are generally subject to the guidance of 2 CFR 200.

Current HAVA Grant Programs

Section 101 Election Improvement Grants
Section 251 Requirements Payments Grants
Section 101 Election Security Grants
Section 101 CARES Act Grants

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