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The 2018 Federal Elections: Key Dates and Information

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The federal election dates and deadlines presented here have been collected from official websites and representatives of chief election offices in all states and territories. The full dataset of information presented on this page can be downloaded here. See state and local election office websites for more detailed and official information.
This information provided was last updated on Feb. 1, 2018. Please send questions or corrections to

Federal Elections 2018

Arizona special (AZ-8) April 24
Indiana primaries May 8
North Carolina primaries May 8
Ohio primaries & special primary (OH-12) May 8
West Virginia primaries May 8
Idaho primaries May 15
Nebraska primaries May 15
Oregon primaries May 15
Pennsylvania primaries May 15
Arkansas primaries May 22
Georgia primaries May 22
Kentucky primaries May 22
Texas primary run-offs* May 22
Alabama primaries June 5
California primaries June 5
Iowa primaries June 5
Mississippi primaries June 5
Montana primaries June 5
New Jersey primaries June 5
New Mexico primaries June 5
South Dakota primary June 5
Maine primaries June 12
Nevada primaries June 12
North Dakota primaries June 12
South Carolina primaries June 12
Virginia primaries June 12
Arkansas primary run-offs* June 19
District of Columbia primary June 19
Colorado primaries June 26
Maryland primaries June 26
Mississippi primary run-offs* June 26
New York primaries June 26
Oklahoma primaries June 26
South Carolina primary run-offs* June 26
Utah primaries June 26
Alabama primary run-offs* July 17
North Carolina primary run-offs* July 17
Georgia primary run-offs* July 24
Tennessee primaries Aug. 2
Virgin Islands primary Aug. 4
Kansas primaries Aug. 7
Michigan primaries & special primary (MI-13) Aug. 7
Missouri primaries Aug. 7
Ohio special (OH-12) Aug. 7
Washington primaries Aug. 7
Hawaii primaries Aug. 11
Connecticut primaries Aug. 14
Minnesota primaries Aug. 14
South Dakota primary run-off* Aug. 14
Vermont primaries Aug. 14
Wisconsin primaries Aug. 14
Alaska primary Aug. 21
Wyoming primaries Aug. 21
Guam primary Aug. 25
Arizona primaries Aug. 28
Florida primaries Aug. 28
Oklahoma primary run-offs* Aug. 28
Massachusetts primaries Sept. 4
Delaware primaries Sept. 6
New Hampshire primaries Sept. 11
Rhode Island primaries Sept. 12
U.S. general elections Nov. 6
Louisiana run-offs* Dec. 8
Georgia run-offs* Jan. 8, 2019

* If needed. See state election office website for details.

Last updated: Feb. 1, 2018. See state and local election office websites for information on non-federal elections.