EAC Certification Program is to provide clear procedures to Manufacturers for the testing and certification of voting systems to specified Federal standards consistent with the requirements of HAVA Section 231(a)(1).

Under this program, the testing and review process requires the completion of an application, employment of an EAC-accredited laboratory for system testing, and technical analysis of the laboratory test report by the EAC. The result of this process is an Initial Decision on Certification.

Below is a comprehensive update of all voting systems in for EAC certification. To track the weekly progress of each test campaign, check out our "Voting System Testing Update" blogs.


System Under Test

Voting System (Name/Version) VSTL Manufacturer Application Accepted Phase of Test Campaign
EVS Pro V&V Election Systems & Software, Inc (ES&S) Test Plan Approved
ClearVote 2.3 Pro V&V Clear Ballot Group, Inc. Test Plan Approved

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