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EAC GrantSolutions

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

User Accounts

To request a new GrantSolutions Grant Recipient User Account and OLDC account or to add additional permissions to an existing account, please complete the Grant Recipient User Account Request Form & OLDC Request Form. Email completed forms to: [email protected].

GrantSolutions User Guides

User Roles

This webpage will be updated frequently and serve as a portal for award recipients to access training resources and user support options.

Account information (ID and Password) is automatically e-mailed to the new user. Grant recipients can have one of three recipient roles in GrantSolutions: Administrative Official (ADO), Program Director (PD) Grantee Financial Official (GFO). Each grant is required to have an Administrative Official (ADO)and a Program Director (PD) assigned to it. A Grantee Financial Official (GFO) is an optional user assignment.

The following user roles definitions will help you understand the scope of the three foundational roles as you determine who should be GrantSolutions users in your organization and which roles those users should possess. A few tips to remember:

  • Grantee ADO’s may assign multiple users to multiple roles
  • Each user may be assigned to multiple applications and awards
  • Each user will have one username and password


The EAC’s engagement with Payment Management System (PMS) and Alchemer ended on September 30th, 2022, which was also the last day reports were available to download for grantees. Recently submitted reports are already populated in the GrantSolutions system. Future reporting dates have already been preloaded. The EAC will no longer accept reports via email. The upcoming annual reports (financial and progress) due on December 29th will be available for starting November 1st. GrantSolutions streamlines the process for award management as well as serves as a repository for award documentation – including program narratives, budget worksheets, reports, and closeouts. The following are some of the tasks that you may complete in GrantSolutions:

  • Edit, submit, and view federal financial reports and progress reports
  • Manage and view award amendments
  • Apply for non-competitive and mandatory awards (funding dependent)
  • Manage in-progress applications and view submitted applications
  • Communicate with and send documents to EAC grants staff
  • Update contact information and request user roles


GS staff provided training for new recipient users via live webinars using Adobe Connect. The recorded videos from these trainings are available below. 

Pre-Award Actions Training:

Wednesday, October 26th; 3:00-4:30 pm EST


Post-Award Actions Training:

Wednesday, October 26th; 11:00-12:30 pm EST


Problems with GranSolutions?

Email EAC Grants staff at: [email protected] 

or contact the GrantSolutions help desk at: 

[email protected] 

Phone: 1.866.577.0771