TGDC Meeting September 19- 20, 2019

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U.S. Election Assistance Commission
1335 East-West Highway
Suite 104
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Draft VVSG Requirements

VVSG Comments (These are the public comments received on the proposed VVSG 2.0 Principles and Guidelines. These comments include a representative sampling of the duplicate emails received regarding the banning of wireless modems.)

The Technical Guidelines Development Committee (TGDC) held the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines 2.0 (VVSG 2.0) and all accompanying Technical Requirements. The TGDC discussed the next TGDC meeting dates and the continuing steps to develop the Technical Requirements. The TGDC discussed the Requirements of the VVSG 2.0. 

Draft VVSG Requirements can be found at the link below:

The most current version of the draft VVSG 2.0 Requirements is clearly marked at the top of the page to ensure the latest version is the topic of discussion at the time of the meetings. As stated in the disclaimer (and in each document), the Requirements are in a draft state and are not yet ready for final posting in their current form. These are provided "as is" for facilitating on-going discussions, but do not yet represent an official or final version.

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