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Voting System Reports Collection

Friday, March 11, 2022

As part of EAC's clearinghouse responsibilities under Section 202 of the Help America Vote Act, the commission adopted a policy authorizing staff to post and distribute voting system reports and studies that have been conducted or commissioned by a state or local government.

To be considered for posting on the EAC website, a state or local government must submit the report to the EAC chair or executive director and certify that the report reflects their experience operating voting systems or implementing EAC's voluntary voting systems guidelines. To submit a request or for more information, send an email to [email protected].

EAC posted and/or linked to these reports and studies as part of its clearinghouse function. EAC did not review the information for quality and does not endorse the reports and studies.


California Secretary of State -- Problem Reports from the Office of Voting Systems Technology Assessment

These reports are provided to EAC by the California Secretary of State's Office of Voting Systems Technology Assessment. The reports are in response to California Senate Bill 1404, which requires voting system vendors with California-approved voting systems to notify the Secretary of State in writing of any defect, fault or failure of the hardware, software or firmware of the voting system or part of the voting system known to the vendor. The law also requires the Secretary of State to provide this information to EAC.

Letter from California Secretary of State's Office of Voting Systems Technology Assessment 

California Secretary of State - General Reports


California's Top-to-Bottom Review of its Voting Systems

On August 3, 2007, California Secretary of State Debra Bowen announced her decisions regarding the certification conditions for three of the most widely used voting systems in California -- Diebold/Premier, Sequoia and Hart -- for the 2008 elections and beyond. The certification decision was based on a top-to-bottom review of the voting machines certified for use in California.



Connecticut Secretary of State

The state of Connecticut has submitted the following voting system reports from the UConn Voting Technology Research Center, commissioned in partnership with the University of Connecticut Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

November 2008 Elections


Kentucky Office of the Attorney General

The report, conducted by the Office of Attorney General, includes Kentucky Attorney General Gregory D. Stumbo's request to the EAC and an expert report "Improving Kentucky's Electronic Voting Systems Certifications."


Oakland County, Michigan Clerk/Registrar of Deeds

The Oakland County, Michigan Clerk/Registrar of Deeds submitted a letter regarding ES&S M-100 voting machine tabulators.

New York

New York State Board of Elections

Documents provided by The New York State Board of Elections.


Ohio Secretary of State

The Evaluation & Validation of Election-Related Equipment, Standards & Testing (EVEREST) Report is a review of Ohio’s voting systems commissioned by Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. The Ohio study tested the systems for risks to vote security; system performance, including load capacity; configuration to currently certified systems specifications; and operations and internal controls that could mitigate risk.