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Managing Election Technology

Thursday, January 25, 2024

The Election Official of today is an Information Technology (IT) Manager - whether they think they are, whether they want to be, or whether they were trained to be. IT management requires a unique set of attitudes, knowledge, and skills in order to plan, direct, and control contemporary election administration. To help Election Officials be the best IT managers possible, the EAC is publishing this series of guides and sharing State User Acceptance and Logic & Accuracy test procedures to help Election Officials of all skill levels better handle their IT demands.

The primary goals of these publications are to help Election Officials identify the primary areas in which they must recognize their role as an IT manager and to provide ideas and best practices for achieving success in this roll. We post these guides, user acceptance and test procedures as they become available, and if you have specific topics which you would like us to address, please use the Contact Page (found here) to tell us what information should be included in this series. Links to the guides are found below.


U.S. Election Assistance Commission

Glossary - Common Cybersecurity Terminology

#1 - Ten Things to Know About Selecting a Voting System

#2 - Ten Things to Know About Managing Aging Voting Systems

#3 - Considerations for Implementing Voting Systems with COTS Products

Checklist - Securing Voter Registration Data

Checklist - Securing Election Night Reporting Systems

Cyber Incident Response Best Practices

Wiping Election Equipment before Disposal, Sale, or Destruction

NIST - Computer Security Resource Center | Glossary and Resources for Cybersecurity 


User Acceptance and Logic & Accuracy Test Procedures

EAC L&A and Post-Election Audit Grants

In 2010 EAC made grant awards totaling $1,463,074 to county and state organizations to support research, development, documentation and dissemination of a range of procedures and processes for managing and conducting high-quality logic and accuracy testing and post election audit activities. Visit our Grants section to read more.  

California Secretary of State Post-Election Risk-Limiting Audit Pilot Program

Orange County California Applying Visual Management Techniques and Digital Analysis to Post Election Auditing

Santa Cruz County California Pre-Election Testing & Post-Election Audit Report

Colorado Department of State Risk-Limiting Audit & Post-Election Audit Initiative

Connecticut Secretary of the State Pre-Election and Post-Election Audit Solutions for Optical Scan Voting Equipment

Cook County Illinois 2010 Pre-Election Logic and Accuracy Testing and Post-Election Audit Initiative: Executive Summary

Cook County Illinois Election Verification Toolkit

Indiana Secretary of State/Ball State VSTOP Pre-Election Logic and Accuracy Testing and Post-Election Audit Initiative

New York State Board of Elections Processes and Best Practices for Coordinating Quality and Cost-effective Post Election Audits

Cuyahoga County Ohio Online Official Election Testing & Auditing Guide


California Secretary of State 

Dominion Democracy Suite System Configuration and Acceptance Testing

Dominion Democracy Suite Election Readiness and Logic & Accuracy Testing

ES&S Unity Logic and Accuracy Testing of System and Components

Hart Voting System 6.2.1 Use Procedures for California


City and County of Denver

Dominion Democracy Suite 4.21 Acceptance Testing Procedures 


Georgia Secretary of State Elections Division 

ExpressPoll Acceptance Test Script Ver. 2.3 

ExpressPoll Acceptance Test Report 

ExpressPoll Acceptance Test Failure Report 

Logic and Accuracy Test Manual of Optical Scan, ExpressPoll and Touch Screen Voting Equipment


Hamilton County, Ohio Board of Elections

Epoll Book (ePB) Tenex Election Preparation and Testing Checklist

Epoll Book (ePB) Tenex Basic Processing Test

Epoll Book (ePB) Tenex Eligibility Cases

Epoll Book (ePB) Election Settings (sample)

Epoll Book (ePB) Election Day Settings

Election Day JBC and DAU eSlate Preperation Workflow and Checklist

Election Day Escan Pre-Define Workflow and Checklist


Maryland State Board of Elections

ExpressPoll Pollbook Acceptance Test Guide Ver. 1.3 

ElectionWare Network Functional Test Script

ExpressVote Acceptance Test Scripts 

ExpressPass Printer Acceptance Test Scripts 

DS200 Acceptance Test Scripts 

DS850 Acceptance Test Scripts 


Missouri St Louis County Election Board

Logic and Accuracy Test-M-100 Scanner


New Jersey Department of State Division of Elections

Avante Vote Trakker Voting Machines Pre-Election Testing Protocols

AVC Advantage Voting Machines Pre-Election Testing Protocols

AVC Edge Voting Machines Pre-Election Testing Protocols

iVotronic Voting Machines Pre-Election Testing Protocols


Washington Secretary of State Elections Division

Logic and Accuracy Test Laws (Link to WA SOS Webpage) 

Preparing for the Logic and Accuracy Test (Link to WA SOS Webpage) 

Logic and Accuracy Testing Protocol

Logic and Accuracy Test Day Checklist