The EAC Office of Grants Management (EAC/OGM) is responsible for distributing, monitoring and providing technical assistance to states and grantees on the use of HAVA funds.  EAC/OGM also reports to Congress on how the funds are spent, negotiates indirect cost rates with grantees, and resolves audit findings on the use of HAVA funds. 

This section provides information on federal funding authorized under the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) to help states to (a) meet the standards of HAVA Title III, including:  voting systems standards; provisional voting and voting information; statewide voter registration lists; voting by mail, and (b) improve the administration of elections for federal office. 

The EAC awards two different types of grants:

  1. HAVA Operational Grants:  These include Title II Section 251 Requirements Payments Grants and Section 101 grants for the improvement of election administration, as well as Section 102 grants (now expired) for replacement of non-compliant voting systems.  These grants are subject to special HAVA conditions and provisions, as well as the OMB Circulars, and 2CFR200 with the HAVA requirements taking precedence.
  2. Discretionary Grants: which are generally subject to the guidance of 2CFR200.

Help America Vote Act (HAVA)

 The United States Congress passed the Help America Vote Act in 2002 to make reforms to the nation’s election systems. The Election Assistance Commission distributes and oversees the disbursement of funds appropriated to states through HAVA. Read more about HAVA here.


Current Open and Active Grants

Guidance, Policies & Advisories

EAC has issued the following policies, advisories and guidance to assist states to help comply with HAVA. This information was issued based upon inquiries and clarifications submitted by election officials.


Implementing Statewide Voter Registration Lists (PDF 107KB)

MOE Plan Submission Checklist

Interpretation of Material Changes to State Plans

Grants Primer for Election Officials

Program Income as Match


Disposition of Equipment Purchased with HAVA Funds

Policy Regarding Authority to Issue Funding Decisions on Use of HAVA Funds(adopted May 28, 2015)

Policy on Maintenance of Expenditure (final MOE adopted June 28, 2010)

Policy Clarification Regarding Allowable Uses of HAVA Funds Authorized under Titles I and II

EAC Advisories

EAC Advisory: Use of HAVA Funds for Criminal Investigation (August 13, 2015)

EAC Advisory: Satellite In-Person Absentee Voting Locations (July 28, 2015)

EAC Advisory 2007-002: Program Income and Set-off of Cost Incident to Program Income

EAC Advisory 2007-001: Accessible Voting Systems for In-person Absentee Voting

EAC Advisory 2005-006: Provisional Voting and Identification Requirements

EAC Advisory 2005-005: Lever Voting Machines and HAVA Section 301(a)

EAC Advisory 2005-004: How to determine if a voting system is compliant with Section 301(a)

EAC Advisory 2005-003: Interest on HAVA Title I, Section 101 Funds

EAC Advisory 2005-002: Appropriation of matching funds equal to 5% of an amount less than the total available Requirements Payment

EAC Advisory 2005-001: Use of funds provided by counties as part of the State’s matching funding under Title II of HAVA

EAC Advisory Letter 2004-1: Electronic Voting Security



For inquiries related to grants email: Grants@eac.gov.

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