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U.S. Election Assistance Commission Reaches Voluntary Voting System Guidelines 2.0 Migration Deadline – VVSG 1.0 Systems Still in Use and Certified to Highest Standard

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After November 15th, all applications for voting systems to be newly certified by the EAC must be for VVSG 2.0 or limited maintenance modifications to existing EAC-certified systems. New systems will require time to be developed, certified, and fielded for use in 
elections – dependent upon local and state procurement policies – while existing systems certified by the EAC to VVSG 1.0 remain secure. 


WASHINGTON DC – The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) today marked the completion of the migration from Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG) 1.0 and 1.1 to VVSG 2.0, ensuring the protection of voting equipment against future threats. On February 10, 2021, the EAC Commissioners unanimously adopted the newest standard, VVSG 2.0, which is a significant update from 1.0 and 1.1 as it includes a different structure and substantially updated content. VVSG 2.0 contains high-level principles and guidelines coupled with technical requirements to emphasize usability, accessibility, security, and interoperability.  

The changes in VVSG 2.0 were built with the incorporation of new technologies, and designed to meet the opportunities and challenges of future elections, improve the voter experience, and provide the necessary safeguards to protect the integrity of the voting process. All applications for voting systems to be newly certified by the EAC now must be for VVSG 2.0. However, election officials can continue to use or procure voting systems that have been certified to VVSG 1.0 in accordance with their state or local law as all EAC-certified voting systems remain secure, regardless of under which VVSG they were certified. 

To mark the VVSG migration deadline, EAC Chairwoman Christy McCormick, Vice Chair Ben Hovland, Commissioner Donald Palmer, and Commissioner Thomas Hicks issued the following joint statement: 

“Enacting VVSG 2.0 is a crucial step for enhancing U.S. election security, which is both a national security and critical infrastructure imperative. VVSG 2.0 is designed to meet the opportunities and challenges of the future and improve our elections infrastructure. Our voting systems must continue to evolve and keep pace with new technology. These updated voluntary standards help lay the groundwork for 21st century voting systems that significantly improve accuracy, cybersecurity, and accessibility requirements.  

While this is a critical milestone toward voters seeing new voting systems, there is more work to be done before voting systems tested and certified to 2.0 standards are in voting locations across the country. The voting systems that will be in use in 2024 are secure and the American public should have confidence in the security and accuracy of this equipment. We’ll continue to work with election officials and manufacturers as the development process continues to ensure our elections continue to run smoothly, accurately, and securely.”  

The following video provides additional information on the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, its work to test and certify election equipment, and VVSG 2.0 migration: 

To better support state and local election officials, the EAC released a Secure Elections Toolkit that includes frequently asked questions regarding VVSG 2.0 migration and election security.  


The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) was established by the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA). It is an independent, bipartisan commission charged with ensuring secure, accurate, and accessible elections by developing guidance to meet HAVA requirements, adopting voluntary voting system guidelines, and serving as a national clearinghouse of information on election administration. The EAC also accredits testing laboratories and certifies voting systems, as well as administers the use of HAVA funds. For more information, visit  

EAC Contact: Kristen Muthig  
Phone: 202-897-9285  
Email: [email protected]  

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