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Board of Advisors Meeting

The EAC Board of Advisors reviewed and provided comment on Phase I of the draft Election Operations Assessment. Phase I of the project was geared towards information gathering and modeling and was designed to create the framework for the remaining two phases of the project. The scope of the document and the project that created it focus on procedures and equipment that move the ballot through the electoral process. The end goal of the election operations assessment was identified as a work product allowing the EAC to evaluate security risks to various types of voting systems (i.e. hand counted paper ballots, Precinct Based Optical Scan, or Remote Electronic Systems, etc.) and in order to better inform their work with future iterations of the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines. In addition, the assessment allows policy makers and election officials to assess the potential risks to systems they consider purchasing in the future.

The EAC Board of Advisors Virtual Meeting Room was established to enable the Board of Advisors to conduct business in an efficient manner in a public forum, including being able to review and discuss draft documents, when it is not feasible for an in-person board meeting. The Board of Advisors took no votes nor proposed resolutions during the 5-day forum of May 11 – 15, 2009.

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