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Electronic Poll Books (EPBs)

Thursday, March 14, 2024
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What are they?

“Equipment (including hardware, firmware, and software), materials, and documentation used to partially automate the process of checking in voters, assigning voters the correct ballot style, and marking off voters who have been issued a ballot.”  

Simply defined, EPBs are laptops, tablets, or kiosks designed to replace paper poll lists, that access digital voter registration records for their representative jurisdiction. In contrast to a voting system, EPBs’ primary users are election workers, and do not collect or tabulate cast vote records. EPBs were initially designed in an effort to automate the election process and alleviate the burden on election workers, who update voter registration records and evaluate a voter’s eligibility to participate in the election process. In recent years, these systems have evolved to serve a variety of administrative functions before, during, and after an election. EPBs can now be used to capture voter signatures, identify a voter’s ballot style or preferred language, detect ineligible voters, and extract data reports.  

Questions? Please Contact:

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ESTEP Poll Book Resources

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    This report provides information on increasing EPB adoption, functions, and applicable state laws and regulations. 

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  • Electronic Poll Book Pilot Program Report

    This report highlights the findings of ESTEP’s Voluntary E-Poll Book Pilot Program.  

  • Voluntary Electronic Poll Book Certification Requirements (VEPBCR)

    These requirements are to be used by EPBs manufacturers to achieve federal certification. 

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    Learn more about the EPBs that have been evaluated by ESTEP.