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State Certification Requirements for Electronic Poll Books

Monday, July 31, 2023

EAC posted and/or linked to these reports and studies as part of its clearinghouse function. EAC is not endorsing the procurement of any specific system and offers these postings as a courtesy to election officials.


     California Secretary of State

Voting technology including, but not limited to voting systems, electronic poll books and remote accessible vote by mail systems, must be certified for use, prior to being sold and/or used in any California election.

    01/29/2022 - Voting Technology Certification Application

    10/04/2022 - Voting Technology Approved for Use in California

    01/31/2023 - Review and Testing for Certification Overview


     Connecticut Secretary of State

    03/06/2015 - Connecticut Electronic Poll Book System Requirement Specification V1.0

    03/31/2015 - Merrill Releases Technical Requirements for Electronic Poll Books


Indiana Secretary of State Election Division

10/30/2013 - Letter from Voting System Technical Oversight Program to Secretary Lawson

10/30/2013 - Standard E-Poll Book Test Report Template

10/30/2014 - VSTOP County Electronic Poll Book User Meeting Materials

03/15/2018 - Assessment of Learning for Indiana Election Personnel on Electronic Poll Books

03/26/2019 - List and Current Status of Vendor Applications for Certification of Electronic Poll Books

10/31/2019 - Application for Certification of Electronic Poll Books

01/14/2020 - Vendor Certified Equipment Configuration

02/03/2022 - Indiana Electronic Poll Book Certification Test Protocol

06/29/2022 - Counties Using Electronic Poll Books


     State Board of Elections

    08/12/2022 - E-Poll Book System Technical Test Matrix

    08/27/2022 - E-Poll Book System Functional On-Site Text Matrix

    09/01/2022 - Certification Procedures for E-Poll Book Products

    09/01/2022 - Application for KY Certification of E-Poll Book Products

    12/29/2022 - E-Poll Book Products Certified by the Kentucky State Board of Elections

New Jersey

    Department of State, Division of Elections

     04/21/2021 - Electronic Poll Book Certification Regulations

     04/21/2021 - Electronic Poll Book Certification Application

     04/21/2021 - Electronic Poll Book Ownership Disclosure

     04/21/2021 - State of New Jersey Security Due Diligence Third Party Information Security Questionnaire


Ohio Board of Voting Machine Examiners

02/06/2014 - Standards for the Examination and Certification of Electronic Poll Books for Use in Ohio Elections

06/08/2016 - Electronic Poll Book Matrix - For BVME

06/08/2016 - Electronic Poll Book Matrix - For Test Lab

10/28/2021 - Electronic Poll Books by County (PDF) Revised 10/2021

03/30/2023 - Poll Books Certified for Use in Ohio



Pennsylvania Department of State

2023 - Electronic Poll Book Usage and Certification


     Texas Secretary of State

    10/15/2019 - Texas Certification Procedures for Electronic Poll Books

    10/15/2019 - Texas Functional Testing Matrix for Electronic Poll Books (PDF)

    10/15/2019 - Texas Technical Matrix for Electronic Poll Books (PDF)

    10/15/2019 - Application for Certification (PDF)


Virginia State Board of Elections

01/29/2020 - Electronic Poll Book Certification Standard



     Wisconsin Elections Commission

    08/11/2017 - Badger Books

    08/11/2017 - E-Poll Book Build Approved 8.11.2017