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San Mateo County Registration and Elections Division (CA) 2020 Clearinghouse Award Winner

Friday, March 11, 2022

Category: Most Creative or Original "I Voted" Stickers

The Elections Division for San Mateo County, California conducted a pilot program in November 2019 to include an “I Voted” sticker inside the Official Ballot package sent to all registered voters. The program was well-received and repeated in 2020. In addition, the Elections Division created a digital “I Voted” sticker that can be shared on the voter's social media pages. A separate digital sticker with a distinctive banner recognizes the years a person has been registered to vote in San Mateo County.

Competition Submission

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) annual Clearinghouse Awards, also known as the “Clearie” Awards, promote best practices in elections and celebrate the accomplishments of election officials across the United States.


Image: 2 stickers - one with three languages all saying "I voted" and second one has a painted view of a pine tree and has the words Voted for 10+ yearsImage: Winner - San Mateo County Registration and Elections Division