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National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day

The Power of a Single Vote

In the political realm, unfortunately, our nation has become more and more divided. While close elections are not new, in recent years it seems more and more elections are divided by fewer and fewer votes. But like the townspeople who were divided over the fire truck, we CAN put aside political differences and be united. Along with our American will-help, can-do spirit, something that still unites us politically is that we believe in the power of the voting booth.
Monday, September 11, 2017
National Voter Registration Day

REGISTRATION->PARTICIPATION: Making Registration Accessible to All Americans

As National Voter Registration Day approaches on September 26, I would be remiss not to write a blog about the importance of registering to vote and making sure that all Americans are equally afforded that right. This is especially true for Americans with disabilities, men and women who are more likely to be turned away from registration because election workers are not properly trained on how to best serve this community.
Monday, September 4, 2017
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