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2019 Election Data Summit: Announcing UOCAVA, Reaching Citizen Voters Abroad Panelists

Election Administration and Voting Survey (EAVS)

Several years ago, as a young 2nd Lieutenant, I was activated for active duty training and shipped away from my home of record. My on-boarding included a host of information such as medical, morale, welfare and recreation, courtesies and customs, but as the 2017 primary election drew closer, I realized I didn’t know the first step on how to cast a ballot or even if I’d be able to do so. Lacking the know-how and grappling with an arduous military training schedule, I gave up and didn’t cast a ballot. I regret not casting a ballot and so, of course, I hold UOCAVA voting, near and dear to my heart.

UOCAVA is an essential component to including our citizens abroad and armed service members serving away from home in the democratic process. The 2019 Election Data Summit will unite election experts to examine how data can be used to improve the election administration process and ensure access for UOCAVA voters.

Today, I am pleased to announce the panelists joining the discussion on UOCAVA:

  • Krysha Gregorowicz, Senior Researcher, Fors Marsh Group
  • Jared Marcotte, President, The Turnout
  • Kendall Hodson, Chief of Staff, King County, WA


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