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Impacted Device/System

Verity Count
Verity Voting 2.6, Verity Voting 2.7

Date Approved by EAC
Short Description of Changes

The changes described in this ECO eliminate an anomaly in the Verity Count Write-In Assignment UI where only the first one hundred write-ins for a contest are shown. The changes were developed in response to the Verity Count: Only 100 Write-ins In Assignment UI, Verity Voting 2.6 Root Cause Analysis (RCA).
This change is applied with a SQL patch that has been validated by Hart Quality Assurance to correct the anomaly in new and existing elections.
This change affects Verity Count server products on the Verity Voting 2.6 and 2.7 systems only. There are no changes to other Verity devices or workstation software.