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Testing Lab
Impacted Device/System

Federal: EVS 5200, EVS 5203, EVS 5210, EVS 5220, EVS 5240, EVS 6000, EVS 6020, EVS 6030, EVS 6040, EVS 6043
State: EVS 5241, EVS 5320, EVS 5340, EVS 5341, EVS 6040 AZ, EVS 6050, FL EVS 4520 v1r2, FL EVS 4530 v1r2, FL EVS 4530 v2r3

Date Approved by EAC
Short Description of Changes

During the ExpressVote verification process, when the Firmware Hash File does not match
the Trusted Hash File, a difference report is generated.
The name of the difference report fits the form ExpressVote- Identification_Report.txt,
where “ExpressVote- Identification” is the unique identifier that was supplied when was executed.

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