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Impacted Device/System

All Verity releases - circuit board component.

Date Approved by EAC
Short Description of Changes

ECO-01389 serves two primary purposes: the addition of an alternate equivalent circuit board
component on the Approved Manufacturers List, an updated revision of the same part, and to do
clerical housekeeping on manufacturing documentation.

Clerical changes made on this ECO include:
• The Approved Manufacturers Lists for Plastite (thread forming) screws currently call out the distributor, McMaster-Carr, and distributor part numbers when they should reference the manufacturer, Stanley Engineered Fastening, to follow correct Approved Manufacturer List practices. These instances are corrected.
• Add an additional reference dimension to USB cable drawings to specify the minimum distance from the connector overmold to the end of the metal connector. The reference dimension is provided for convenience as it is defined in the standard USB specification, which was already referenced in the drawing.
• Correct a typo in an item number callout on a PCBA BOM.