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Impacted Device/System

ClearVote 2.3 / Dell PowerEdge Server R440

Date Approved by EAC
Short Description of Changes

This ECO documents a minor change order request to ClearVote 2.3. The Dell R440 Server certified under this system has come to its end of production life, and CBG is seeking the EAC’s approval for a de minimis upgrade to the newer generation Dell R450 Server. Clear Ballot Group requests de minimis engineering change order (ECO) approval to add alternate component for CBG clients affected in the following states: KS,OH,OR,PA,WA, and WI. CBG is requesting the Dell R450 Server be certified for use with the ClearVote 2.3 version release as a Design Server and/or as a Count Server (formerly known as ScanServer). This change affects the following certified systems: EAC - ClearVote 2.3
Current Model: Dell R440
Replacement Model: Dell R450