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NOC 13-02

Friday, April 28, 2023
NOC Topic
Detailed Description of Changes for Modifications

This notice of clarification is to clarify the information needed to describe changes to a system accepted in to the testing and certification program as a modification. In addition to the general description currently given as part of the system overview for modifications, each Test Plan and Test Report must include a detailed listing of all the changes made to the modified system. This can be included in the body of the Test Plan and Test Report (if it is a small number of changes); or referred to in the system overview and included as an Appendix (if it is a large number of changes). The detailed description shall include: name of component and/or module, version number and brief description of the change.

Section of VSTL Program Manual
Appendix A; Appendix B
Section of Cert Manual
4.4; 4.6