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NOC 09-01

Friday, April 28, 2023
NOC Topic
Clarification of the Requirements for Voting System Test Laboratories (VSTLs) Development and Submission of Test Plans

Clarification appears necessary to further describe the expected depth and completeness of the test plan that is necessary to help ensure that a comprehensive test campaign is carried out and to help ensure that test campaigns are consistent among different VSTLs. The test plan shall document the strategy and plan for testing each section of the applicable voluntary voting system guidelines and is to be used as a key tool to manage the test campaign and to verify that a voting system or component meets all VVSG and program defined requirements. The test plan shall be written with completeness and clarity that will allow all constituents to understand what testing will be conducted, to assess each group of VVSG requirements, and to assure that the test plan will remain a living document throughout the life of the test campaign. The objective is to address each section (in both Volume I and Volume II of the 2005 VVSG) in detail, and to clearly and succinctly describe the strategy and/or approach for testing each section

Section of VSTL Program Manual
2.10.1; Appendix A
Section of Cert Manual
4.2; 4.4