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NOC 08-03

Friday, April 28, 2023
NOC Topic
Clarification of EAC Conformance Testing Requirements for Voting System Test Laboratories (VSTLs)

Conformance testing must begin with confirmation that a system functions as documented. However, testing must also show that the system will recognize and respond appropriately to incorrect as well as correct data and procedures as currently specified in the 2002 VSS and 2005 VVSG. In addition, testing should ensure that the system is robust and resistant against common user and technical sources of error. All reports available should accurately report the results of all valid votes. Audit records will include information showing the appearance of invalid or questionable data that were rejected so that potential recount related issues may be resolved. Testing should also be responsive to requirements that may not be adequately defined in the current published standards, especially those that show up under State testing and/or during actual elections. The goal is to catch as many errors as possible in testing before they show up in an election environment.

Section of VSTL Program Manual
Section of Cert Manual