EAC initiates Seach for and Executive Director and General Counsel

Silver Spring, Md. – Today, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission launched its search for an Executive Director and General Counsel. Vacancy announcements for the positions are posted on The EAC continues to follow the Commissioners' approved succession planDownload PDF. At this time, the EAC’s Chief Information and Security Officer, Mona Harrington, serves as acting Executive Director. 

The Executive Director and General Counsel positions will remain open for 30 days. Once the application period closes, the Executive Director Search Committees for the EAC’s Standards Board and Board of Advisors will review the applicant pool and provide the EAC’s Commissioners with Executive Director candidate recommendations to consider, as prescribed by the Help America Vote Act. The EAC’s Commissioners are not bound by the names provided to them by the Boards. HAVA does not mandate that the General Counsel hire proceed through the EAC’s Boards.

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