Celebrating the Impact of the Help America Vote Act on Its 15-Year Anniversary

Silver Spring, Md. – Ahead of the fifteenth anniversary of the ratification of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) on Sunday, October 29, 2017, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) Chairman Matthew Masterson released the following statement today on the impact of the groundbreaking legislation on federal elections:

“HAVA was a watershed piece of legislation that improved the accessibility and administration of elections and created the Election Assistance Commission to provide guidance and resources to election officials around the country. 

“Given the challenges election administrators face, the work of the Election Assistance Commission remains as important today as any time since HAVA was enacted. Our research allows election administrators to see the impact of election policies over time and use that data to improve the way America votes. The commission’s guidance and leadership on establishing voluntary voting system guidelines, testing and certifying voting systems, and making systems and materials accessible for all people, ensures the process works for all voters. 

“On the fifteenth anniversary of HAVA, the EAC celebrates the impact of HAVA and reaffirms its commitment to helping election officials around the country administer accessible, accurate and secure elections.”  

The United States Congress passed HAVA in 2002 to set new mandatory minimum standards for states to follow in several key areas of election administration and to invest in and strengthen the nation’s voting process. To help states make these important advancements, HAVA created the EAC to help ensure election systems and practices comply with federal standards. For the last 15 years, HAVA, and the EAC, have provided state and local election officials with resources and guidance to ensure all Americans can participate fully in our nation’s democracy, and vote privately and independently. 

For more information about HAVA or to speak with Chairman Masterson, please contact Brenda Bowser Soder at or 202-897-9285. 

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