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Voting Process Changes Simulations

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

This simulations video series is intended to help election officials develop strategies for incorporating new voting equipment into the voting process. The simulations in this series explore voter wait times between different voting equipment and processes. Through these video simulations, election officials will be able to visualize how these strategies may work in practice at a voting location. 

You can find more information about the simulations and all other series here.  

Read the Executive Summary of this video series here

The first video explains how to use the information provided in this series. It also introduces key concepts and variables used throughout the series, including voting processes and equipment scenarios. 

The second video discusses the general findings of implementing paper-based and technology-based equipment and processes, while keeping voter wait times under thirty minutes. 

The third video discusses implementing a new ballot scanner in the technology-based voting process. 

The fourth video discusses implementing a two-step technology-based voting process to replace a three-step process. 

The fifth video discusses the comparisons of a voting process that does require voter ID versus a process that does not require voter ID.

The sixth video discusses switching from a paper-based check-in process to a technology-based check-in process. 

The seventh video discusses using a ballot scanner in a paper-based voting process.