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Polling Place Consolidation Simulations

Monday, October 03, 2022

This simulations video series is intended to help election officials develop a polling place consolidation program. It provides visual interpretations of voting locations, equipment, staff, and explores how different strategies may work in practice at a voting location.

You can find more information about the simulations and all future series here.  

Read the Executive Summary of this video series here

The first video introduces the concept of polling location consolidation, and how to use the information provided in this series. 

The second video discusses the general statistical findings from the three different consolidation strategies explored by this series. These strategies include operating one, two, or three precincts per polling location. 

The third video discusses the complete consolidation strategy, which is when all equipment in the voting location is used by all precincts. 

The fourth video discusses the partial consolidation strategy, which is when some equipment in the polling location is shared among precincts.  

The fifth video discusses the shared facility consolidation strategy, which is when each precinct uses its own equipment in a shared location.