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Maryland State Board of Elections 2021 Clearinghouse Award Winner

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Creative and Original “I Voted” Sticker Design  

Student I Voted Sticker Art Contest 

Erin Perrone of the Maryland Board of Elections received a letter from a student in Montgomery County, MD expressing concerns that the “I Voted” stickers were “boring.” She proposed a competition. Inspired by the suggestion, Erin worked in concert with the Department of Education's Fine Arts Office to develop a contest for public school students. Everyone was excited for young people to be involved in the voting process and democracy. Three categories were established: elementary, middle, and high school. Students submitted designs and a panel of judges, including art professionals and teachers, evaluated submissions based on certain criteria. The top three submissions were selected from each category and a public voting period for the three top submissions was held on social media to select the final winners. Once the public vote was tallied, winners were announced and given a $100.00 gift card for art supplies. Their art teacher also received $500.00 to purchase art supplies or equipment. The three winning stickers were printed and distributed to voters during the 2020 election cycle. Maryland plans to distribute the stickers during the 2022 elections and hold another contest for the 2024 cycle.