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Election Audits Across the United States

Friday, March 11, 2022

Clipboard checklist with magnifying glass icon with the text "Election Audits Across the United States" and the EAC Sea;Election Audits Across the United States (Full PDF)

Election audits ensure voting systems operate accurately, that election officials comply with regulations or internal policies, and identify and resolve discrepancies in an effort to promote voter confidence in the election administration process. There is no national auditing standard, and methods can vary from procedural, traditional, risk-limiting, tiered, or a combination of one or more types.

Interest in post-election audits has risen amongst the public, researchers, and policymakers in recent years. In 2021, state lawmakers have introduced over 68 post-election audit bills in 29 states. At the time of publication, at least nine have been signed into law.

This document provides insight on the following topics related to audits:

  • Types of audits
  • Timing
  • Policies
  • Case studies
  • State-specific information

Election Audits Across the United States (Full PDF)