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Disposal of Election Equipment

Monday, March 06, 2023

 Disposal of Election Equipment (Full PDF Version)

If election equipment falls into the wrong hands, it jeopardizes the security and integrity of the jurisdiction that owned the equipment, and the security and integrity of every other election jurisdiction that uses the same or similar equipment. Even if the entities who improperly acquired the equipment do not maliciously exploit the data, a break in the chain of custody of election equipment can undermine faith in the integrity of the entire electoral system. As election jurisdictions procure new election technologies, they will often need to dispose of outdated election equipment. It is extremely important to do this safely and in ways that limit opportunities for malicious entities to take advantage of the situation.  

This document provides guidance and best practices election officials should take prior to the disposal, sale, or destruction of election equipment.  

Sections include: 

  • Chain of Custody and Inventory Control 

  • Voting Technology Purchased with HAVA Funds 

  • Disposal and Destruction of Election Equipment 

  • Election Equipment Disposal Checklist 

With all the security risks associated with the disposal, sale, or destruction of computer equipment and storage devices, election officials must practice due diligence to account for all election equipment in their inventory. 


The guidance and best practices contained in this document are for informational purposes only. Jurisdictions should consult their legal representatives to ensure all legal and contractual obligations are met prior to the disposal, sale, or destruction of election equipment.