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Denver County Colorado 2017 Clearinghouse Award Winner

Friday, March 11, 2022

Innovations in Elections

In 2015, the Denver elections division launched eSign, a first-in-the-nation mobile petition signing application. This app allows candidates to use tablets signed with a stylus to gather petition signatures if they choose to opt-in. The app, running on tablets registered with the election division, is able to confirm that a signer is a registered voter because it interfaces with a voter database.

Gatherers can also tell at a glance how many signatures they have collected since the app keeps a running tally.

Prior to the app, candidates had to collect signatures on paper petitions, turn them in to the Denver Elections Division, and wait for them to be verified. Historically 30-35 percent of those signatures were invalid, compared to 1-3 percent of signatures collected using eSign.

Competition Submission (PDF)