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Clay County Supervisor of Elections (FL) 2021 Clearinghouse Award Winner

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Outstanding Innovations in Elections ‐ Small/Medium Jurisdictions 

Clay County 2022 Elections Expo

Like many other election officials, the Clay County Supervisor of Elections Office has spent the last 15 months fighting rumors, half-truths, and outright fiction. With the next election season approaching, the office analyzed how best to combat misinformation, disinformation and mal-information. Staff organized an elections expo that would provide an interactive overview of the Florida elections process, creating advocates for the office and for the democratic process as a whole. The Elections Expo gave the public unprecedented access to the elections office and staff. The office was able to demonstrate many of the procedures and safeguards put in place to ensure every election is fair, accurate, and secure. The expo wrapped up with a Q&A session with Supervisor Chris H. Chambless, helping build the office’s authority and strengthen its relationships with voters.