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The City of Ely MN 2018 Clearinghouse Award Winner

Friday, March 11, 2022

Recruiting, Training and Retaining Election Workers 

For their partnership with nonprofit Walking Civics on a program that connected high school students and veterans to serve at the polls together on Election Day.

In partnership with Walking Civics, a local nonprofit, the City of Ely and The Town of Morse, recruits high school students and veterans to be trained and serve together at the polls on Election Day. This training model recognizes veterans have already “walked the talk” in answering the call to serve their country and is intended to inspire civic virtue, train competent election workers and link generations in service to elections. The session provided stellar training and a deep meaning for both veterans and high school students, preparing a new generation of election workers who will be on the front line of elections now and into the future. 

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