Category: Outstanding Innovation in Election Cybersecurity and Technology

Online Election Cybersecurity Training Modules

In 2020, the Anne Arundel County Board of Elections collaborated with the Towson University Division of Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research to develop online training modules for election judges on cyber security and the voting process. The training covered topics ranging from ballot marking devices to voting booths to provisional voting. Election judges in Anne Arundel County completed the training modules and took assessments to ensure the training developed cybersecurity skills. The program was harnessed by other counties across Maryland to further educate election workers on the importance of cybersecurity practices.

Competition Submission

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) annual Clearinghouse Awards, also known as the “Clearie” Awards, promote best practices in elections and celebrate the accomplishments of election officials across the United States.

Image: Winner - Anne Arundel County Board of Elections