EAC Releases 2018 EAVS Data Interactive

2018 EAVS Data Interactive
Dec 16, 2019

Good News! The EAC released the updated EAVS Data Interactive this week. The EAVS Data Interactive is a visualization tool that makes it easier to understand the survey responses in the 2018 EAVS. The Data Interactive is available for anyone interested in examining the just over 400 variables covered through the EAVS at the state and local level. A feature of this tool is the option for users to compare their jurisdiction with other jurisdictions that have a similar number of total registered voters.

The 2018 EAVS Data Interactive pairs well with the 2018 EAVS fact sheets, which are one-page quick displays that highlight voter registration, voter turnout and election technology data for 54 states and territories. Along with these two tools, there are a series of upcoming EAVS Deep Dives on voter registration and poll workers.

Through our web-based tools, the EAC works to disseminate EAVS data to the wider general public, while ensuring it is easy to use and understand. Stay tuned as we are continuously looking for ways to make EAVS data more useful for all stakeholders.

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