Resolution # 2017-01                                                                     Offered by: Diane Golden 

Second by: David Wagner


Title:  Ensuring Accessibility and Security


Whereas, HAVA Section 301 requires that a voting system be accessible for individuals with disabilities and provide the same opportunity for access and participation (including privacy and independence) as for other voters; and


Whereas, HAVA also requires that voters be able to verify privately and independently the votes selected by the voter on the ballot before the ballot is cast and counted; and


Whereas, voting systems that utilize paper to capture, verify, and cast printed voter selections as the determinative record of the vote face significant technological challenges in providing accessibility features necessary to enable voters with disabilities to verify and cast a ballot privately and independently; and


Whereas, the VVSG 2.0 development process was committed to ensuring that both accessibility and security were at the forefront of each principal and guideline drafted and were addressed equitably.


Be it resolved that, if a voting system utilizes a paper record to satisfy auditability principles, and associated guidelines, the voting system must also provide mechanism(s) that enable voters with disabilities to mark their ballot and to verify and cast their printed vote selections privately and independently. 


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