HAVA Funds: Sections 101, 102 and 251

HAVA authorized over $3 Billion dollars to support the various sections of the legislation. Funds were made available by Congress without fiscal year limitation until expended by states. States last received funds from Congress in 2010 when $70 million was appropriated and distributed to states. EAC currently has approximately $4.3 million in allocated funds that states have yet to request. The remainder of unspent funds resides in state election fund accounts.


Total Funds Awarded:


Total Accrued Interest:

$   352,759,159

Total Reported Expenditures:


Total Funds remaining:

$   301,000,000


  • 13 states have expended 100% of their HAVA funds and interest.
  • 28 states have < 10% of funds remaining.
  • Only 6 states have more than 30% of funds remaining.
  • Funds remaining with 16 States account for 90% of unspent funds.
  • States have reported collective expenditures exceeding the original award amount.

Statewide Voter Registration Systems

  • States spent Section 251 and Section 101 funds to develop and maintain statewide voter registration systems that comply with HAVA.
  • 54 States/territories reported expenditures of approximately $223 million in HAVA funds for the development and maintenance of these systems through 2014.
  • These expenditures represent approximately 7.5% of funds awarded by EAC under HAVA Sections 251 and 101 Funds.

Voting Systems and Related Equipment

  • Approximately 65% of funds expended by states went directly to replace voting systems in order to be in compliance with HAVA.
  • The majority of expenditures for voting equipment occurred over 10 years ago and as long as 14 years ago.
  • EAC Commissioners voted in May 2017 to make it easier for states to replace aging voting systems and components.