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Voting System Testing Update – February 3, 2022

Voting Systems Testing Updates

This blog is an effort to keep everyone informed of the progress of voting systems that are currently in the EAC’s Testing and Certification Program.






Hart InterCivic Verity Voting 2.7: Project Manager – Eugene Burton; VSTL – SLI Compliance
The application was approved on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022.

Pre-Test Plan Voting System Test Update

Clear Ballot Group ClearVote 2.3: Project Manager – Paul Aumayr; VSTL – Pro V&V
The application was approved on Wednesday February 2nd, 2022

Pre-Test Plan Voting System Test Update


If you would like more information about the certification process, please read Chapter 4 and 5 of the Testing and Certification Program Manual. Please contact the EAC for additional information about a particular voting system.

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