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Best Practices: Accessible In-Person Voting 

Thursday, April 21, 2022

In-Person Voting StickerBest Practices: Accessible In-Person Voting (Full PDF Version)

Voters with disabilities represent approximately one-sixth of the American electorate. This growing demographic encompasses a broad range of voters, including those with mobility, visual, communicative, physical, or cognitive impairments. Voters with disabilities face unique obstacles when exercising their right to vote. There are several sets of laws that have created rights that ensure voters with disabilities can access all portions of the electoral process in a manner that is accessible to them.

This document aims to provide information about what obstacles these voters may face with in-person voting, and to provide best practices to ensure these voters have equal access to all aspects of the in-person voting experience.

Best Practices: Accessible In-Person Voting (Full PDF Version)