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HAVA designates a 110-member Standards Board to assist EAC in carrying out its mandates under the law. The board consists of 55 state election officials selected by their respective chief state election official, and 55 members are local election officials selected through a process supervised by the chief state election official.

HAVA prohibits any two members representing the same state to be members of the same political party. The board selects nine members to serve as an executive board, of which not more than five are state election officials, not more than five are local election officials, and not more than five are members of the same political party.

Membership Designees as of November 30, 2017 (PDF)

Executive Board as of April 29, 2017 (PDF)

Charter renewed April 13, 2017 (PDF)

Bylaws amended April 2016 (PDF)

Election Related Acronyms & Phrases

Letter to NIST July 17, 2015 (PDF)

Standards Board Newsletters

October 2016 (PDF); May 2016 (PDF); April 2016 (PDF); October 2015 (PDF); September 2015 (PDF); August 2015 (PDF); July 2015 (PDF); June 2015 (PDF)

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