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Human Resources

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Equal Employment Opportunity

Annual Employee Surveys

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2004 requires agencies under the Executive Branch to conduct an annual survey of its employees. The results of the survey must be posted on the agency’s website within 120 days after the end of the survey administration, along with the agency’s interpretation of the results. The EAC’s survey results and its interpretation of the results are posted below. 

2022 EAC Annual Employee Survey

2022 EAC Annual Comparison Report

2018 EAC Annual Employee Survey

2018 EAC Annual Comparison Report

2017 EAC Annual Employee Survey

2017 EAC Annual Comparison Report

2016 EAC Annual Employee Survey

2014 EAC Annual Employee Survey

2013 EAC Annual Employee Survey

2012 EAC Annual Employee Survey

2011 EAC Annual Employee Survey

2010 EAC Annual Employee Survey

2009 EAC Annual Employee Survey

2008 EAC Annual Employee Survey

2007 EAC Annual Employee Survey