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Chapter 7: Public Information Package

7.1 Public Information Package contents

7.1-A Public Information Package (PIP)

The Public Information Package SHALL consist of the manufacturer's application form, the implementation statement, the functional diagram and system overview from the TDP, and the test report (including the test plan).

Applies To: Voting system


The PIP that is eventually published may be redacted to remove proprietary information, but that redaction and publication, as well as the determination of what validly qualifies as proprietary information, are outside the scope of the VVSG.



Comment by Geoffrey A. Landis (Academic)

The requirements on public information must include the requirement that all of the software used in recording and counting votes must be openly available to public inspection. No software can be allowed to record or count votes unless every voter has the right to examine the software and verify that it does, in fact, count their votes correctly. There should be no "proprietary information" kept secret about how votes are counted. Secrecy should have no place in the vote counting process.

Comment by Diane Gray (Voting System Test Laboratory)

Discussion states the redaction and publication, and determination of proprietary information, are outside the scope of the VVSG. (1) What scope does own this determination? (2) Need strong guidelines on what constitutes proprietary information in the Test Report.

Comment by pete johnson (Advocacy Group)

all computers voting must provide a means of recording and recovering voter intent, so a paper trail is absolutely necessary. Statistically significant audits must also be required. Proprietary software should be eliminated in favor of open source software. The United States government should quickly move to eliminate DRE (Direct Recording Electronic) technology in favor of Optical Scan, because the voter can handle his/her actual ballot, and the ballot is more easily recounted. thanks Pete Johnson Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections Voting Rights Institute-Advisory Council

Comment by Cem Kaner (Academic)

The public information package should be a public record. It should be redacted to exclude only proprietary information provided by third parties to document COTS software. Because public testability of the voting system is a critical aspect of the quality control of the system, and of the gradual development of public confidence in systems of this kind, the determination of what can be redacted is well within the scope of the VVSG. .......... (Affiliation Note: IEEE representative to TGDC)