EAC posted and/or linked to these reports and studies as part of its clearinghouse function. EAC is not endorsing the procurement of any specific system and offers these postings as a courtesy to election officials.



Alabama Secretary of State

*12/19/13 -- Electronic Blank Ballot Delivery System (Request for Proposal - RFP)


Jefferson County (Purchasing Department) 

05/19/15 -- Electronic Voting Counting System (Precinct Tabulator Equipment) (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Office of the Lieutenant Governor (Division of Elections) 

*07/24/13 -- Statewide Voter Registration and Election Management System (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Pima County (Procurement Department)

05/07/14 -- Elections Voting System and Related Services (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Arkansas Secretary of State 

04/15/15 -- Statewide Integrated Voting System (Request for Proposal - RFP)



City of Los Angeles (Department of Neighborhood Empowerment)

*09/19/14 -- On-Line Voting System (Request for Proposal - RFP)

County of Los Angeles (Department of Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk)

03/17/15 -- Outgoing Vote By Mail Election Mailing Services (Information for Bidding - IFB) 


City and County of San Francisco (Department of Elections) 

08/06/15 -- Voting System (Request for Information - RFI)


Orange County Registrar of Voters

03/01/19 - Voting System (Request for Proposal - RFP) 



Colorado Department of State (Election Division)

11/12/13 -- Statewide Electronic Pollbook System (Request for Proposal - RFP)

10/01/13 -- Uniform Voting System (Request for Proposal - RFP)

06/15/12 -- Ballot On-Demand for Military and Overseas Voters (Request for Quotation - RFQ)

05/16/11 -- Electronic Ballot Delivery for Military and Overseas Voters (Request for Information - RFI)



Connecticut Secretary of State

*11/16/12 -- Maintain Voting Accessibility System (Information to Bid - ITB)



Bay County (Board of County Commissioners)

02/26/15 -- Election Equipment and Software (Information to Bid - ITB)


Levy County (Supervisor of Elections)

*10/01/13 -- Voting Tabulation System Hardware and Software (Request for Proposal - RFP)


Manatee County

06/04/15 -- Voting Tabulation System Hardware, Software, Installation and Training (Request for Proposal - RFP)


Volusia County (Department of Elections) 

04/28/15 -- Voting System (Request for Proposal - RFP) 

*01/27/14 -- Voting System (Request for Proposal - RFP)



City and County of Honolulu 

*10/23/12 -- Online Voting System and Candidate Registration for the 2013 Neighborhood Board Elections (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Idaho Secretary of State 

*05/01/14 -- Acquisition and Implementation of a Web-based Electronic Ballot Delivery System for Military and Overseas Voters (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Cook County (Election Division) 

*01/30/15 -- Voter Registration Management System (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Jones County 

01/21/15 -- Voting Equipment (Request for Proposal - RFP)


Linn County Auditor 

03/06/15 -- Voting Equipment, Software and Services (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Jefferson County

04/13/15 -- Voting Equipment and Associated Services (Information to Bid - ITB)


Sedgwick County (Purchasing Department) 

09/16/15 -- Voting System (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Maine Secretary of State 

*03/13/13 -- To Provide Printing and Delivery of Ballots for the November 2013 Referendum Election (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Maryland State Board of Elections

07/22/14 -- Voting System Solution (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Town of Arlington 

*12/19/13 -- Electronic Voting System (Request for Proposal - RFP)


Town of Braintree 

07/16/15 -- Electronic Scanners for Vote Tabulation (Request for Proposal - RFP)


City of Worcester 

02/24/15 -- Vote Tabulators/Scanners - City Clerk (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Michigan Secretary of State  

01/27/16 -- To view current open RFP's visit Michigan's website here.


Bay County (Election Commission)  

*04/11/14 -- 2014 Election Ballot Printing (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Dakota County

01/16/14 -- Voting System (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Madison County (Board of Supervisors) 

01/06/15 -- Electronic Poll Books and Peripheral Equipment for Electronic Poll Book System (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Buchanan County (Clerks Office) 

01/05/15 -- Election Equipment (Request for Proposal - RFP)

Saint Louis County (Board of Elections) 

*04/12/13 -- Electronic Poll Books (Request for Proposal - RFP)


New Mexico

New Mexico Secretary of State

*06/14/13 -- Systems for Tabulating Ballots and Ancillary Equipment (Request for Proposal - RFP)


North Carolina

Wake County (Procurement Services)

*12/17/14 -- LMS Solutions (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Ohio Secretary of State 

*10/10/13 -- UOCAVA Ballot Delivery & Tracking System (Request for Proposal - RFP)

*01/09/12 -- UOCAVA Ballot Delivery & Tracking System (Request for Proposal - RFP)


Clermont County (Board of Elections)

03/12/15 -- Electronic Pollbooks (Request for Proposal - RFP)


Hamilton County (Board of Elections) 

*12/05/14 -- Electronic Pollbooks (Request for Proposal - RFP)


Mahoning County (Board of Elections) 

01/29/15 -- Electronic Pollbooks (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Seminole Nation of Oklahoma

*04/23/13 -- Seminole Nation General Election 2013 (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Multnomah County (Purchasing)

01/23/15 -- Elections Ballot Tally System Replacement (Request for Proposal - RFP)



City of Philadelphia (The Office of Innovation and Technology)

*10/22/14 -- Voting System Modernization (Request for Information - RFI) 


Rhode Island 

Rhode Island Secretary of State

09/22/15 -- Electronic Poll Books (Request for Information - RFI)

09/30/15 -- Voting Equipment System (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Shelby County (Election Commission) 

*01/09/15 -- Consultant Services Replacement of Election System Management Software (Request for Quotation - RFQ)



Vermont Secretary of State 

*01/07/13 -- Voting Access for Individuals with Disabilities (Request for Proposal - RFP)



Office of the Secretary of State (Election Division)

10/15/15 -- Modernized Elections System for Washington State (Request for Information - RFI) 


*12/01/14 -- Elections Business Analysis & Business Requirements (Request for Proposal - RFP)


2003 -- Washington State Plan for Implementing HAVA



Sauk County (Management Information Systems)

06/01/15 -- Election Management and Voting System (Request for Proposal - RFP)

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