EAC posted and/or linked to these reports and studies as part of its clearinghouse function. EAC is not endorsing the procurement of any specific system and offers these postings as a courtesy to election officials.



Indiana Secretary of State Election Division

05/18/15 – Counties Using Electronic Pollbooks (updated June 15, 2015)

03/26/15 – Vendor Certified Equipment Configuration

09/18/14 – List of Current Status of Vendor Applications for Certification of Electronic Pollbooks

07/23/14 – VSTOP County Electronic Pollbook User Meeting Materials (updated December 30, 2014) 

01/17/14 – Acceptance Testing Procedures for E-Pollbooks

01/17/14 – Application for E-Pollbook Certification

10/31/13 – E-Pollbook Testing Protocol

10/30/13 – Standard E-Pollbook Test Report Template 

10/30/13 – Letter from Voting System Technical Oversight Program to Secretary Lawson 



Ohio Board of Voting Machine Examiners

02/06/14 – Standards Governing the Examination and Certification of Electronic Pollbooks 


Pennsylvania Department of State

10/23/13 – E-Pollbook Testing Protocol 



Virginia State Board of Elections

05/13/15 – E-Pollbook Certification Procedures & System Requirements


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