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Welcome to EAC's Virtual Public Forum (formerly known as the Virtual Meeting Room). This forum provides a public platform where members of the EAC Standards Board and Board of Advisors can view and provide comments on EAC work products. Members of the public can participate by viewing documents and board members' comments. From this screen, the public can access materials from any current forum, as well as archived comments and documents from previous forums. If you have any questions about using the Virtual Public Forum, please Contact Us.

The next Virtual Public Forum will take place on May 31 at 10:00 a.m. to June 14 at 10:00 a.m. EDT. During this forum the Standards Board will comment on the two documents of the Technical Guidelines Development Committee, which are featured below.

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DOCX Document Standards Board Status Resolution Update March 2011
Posted on July 06, 2011

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   Resolution 2006-01: The EAC statements outline objectives and current research topics and upcoming reports, however the statements do not address the concern of ensuring that research findings are based on facts…“that are clearly defended by quantitative data, rather than suspicions or assumptions.” Additionally, the Standards Board resolution stated that: “Election Day survey questions be considered and completed and noticed to states no later than two years before the election in which the data is to be collected.” This did not materialize with the 2010 Survey since the final version was made available in May 2010. Also, the draft of the proposed 2012 Survey will be available September 2011 (quorum pending). 1. Recommend the EAC review the ongoing research to ensure that the facts and subsequent conclusions are based on quantitative data appended or footnoted to the research document to ensure accountability. 2. Also recommend that Election Day Survey questions finalized less than two years before the election of interest be substantially similar to the questions two years previously to allow software updates in a timely manner. John Gale 7/22/2011
   Resolution 2006-02: Recommend that the EAC dedicate a full one quarter staff year to Standards Board support, including present support from the special assistance to the DFO and from the meeting coordinator; Executive Board needs more substantive support for Board Surveys, Studies, and White Papers. John Gale 7/22/2011
   Resolution 2006-03: The EAC action addresses some of the Standards Board’s concerns, but does not address the most serious concern that the EAC refrain from research projects that exceed the plain language meaning of HAVA. Further the EAC explains that they have the authority to study “such other matters that the commission deems appropriate.” It seems that the response simply justifies the ability of the EAC to authorize funding for any projects it may choose, without restraint. The EAC should focus on the priority projects that can be accomplished by its own staff of researchers and forgo third party research that is removed from HAVA language and more likely to be tainted by bias or prejudice. The EAC should continue to conduct studies and research without deviating from the scope of the HAVA language. Additionally, the public comment period is a good approach to evaluation of studies, but special weight should be given to Election Official’s comments on those studies since Election Officials will be instituting the EAC’s recommendations. John Gale 7/22/2011
   Resolution 2007-01: The EAC appears to be limited in their power to the extent that they cannot proactively engage Congress on matters relating to election law. The Standards Board resolution appears to require the EAC move beyond the scope of their legal abilities. This resolution deals with old issues and should be replaced. Nonetheless, the EAC should proactively engage State Election Officials on funding concerns and work toward proposals and solutions regarding continued funding for election administration. John Gale 7/22/2011
   Resolution 2007-02: Recommend that this resolution be continuing for all parts except for the words “Be it further resolved…” and thereafter. John Gale 7/22/2011