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An U.S. Election Assistance Commission blog written by former Commissioner Matthew Masterson

Vice-Chair Masterson: Election Integrity & Security

Oct 27, 2016

A former colleague of mine used to tell me that no two elections are alike. Every election has its own story.  This year’s presidential election story focuses on the integrity and security of the process.

Fortunately, the protagonists in this story - your state and local election officials - rose to the occasion and are using the conversation to highlight the laws, policies, and procedures already in place to ensure a secure and transparent process. Below are just a few of the formal statements issued by election officials:

NASS: Statement from National Association of Secretaries of State on Election Integrity

Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA) Co-Chairs

Colorado clerks

Florida Supervisors of Elections

Hillsborough County, Florida








West Virginia


Many more election officials spoke out to their local media to discuss the process.  There are three distinct themes to these statements:

The process has integrity, security, and transparency.
You don’t have to take our word for it. If you have questions or concerns, don’t just post them to social media - GET INVOLVED! Be a poll worker, attend pre-election testing, canvassing, or post-election audits. Attend demonstrations of the voting systems.  Talk to those who run the process! They are ready and willing to discuss these issues.
Elections are a local event. Your friends, neighbors, and co-workers serve their community and work hard to ensure the integrity of the process.

With two weeks to go before Election Day absentee and early voting is underway across the country. In many places it’s not too late to contact your election official and see how you can become an election worker.  In the meantime, the EAC will continue to work with state and local officials to prepare for November 8th.

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