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Thursday, January 29, 2009 - Friday, January 30, 2009

Unified Testing and Cost of Testing Meeting

09:00 AM - 05:00 PM 4833 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL, 33140

The meeting will help the EAC to propose a pilot program to explore how it might assist States in order to shorten the timeline for product certifications and to potentially save the costs of redundant Federal/State testing.

  • Unified Testing Initiative

  • Pilot Program

  • EAC Threat Assessment Project

  • Election Costs


Keith Cunningham (Allen Co. BOE), John Faumuina (American Samoa ED), David Alampi (Avante IT), Lowell Finley (CA SOS), Merle King (CES), Ann Griffiths (CIBER), Stephanie Cegielski (CO DOE), Wayne Munster (CO DOE), Maria Santiago Rodriguez (PR CEE), Nester Colon (PR CEE), Elaine Manlove (DE SEC), Mohammed Maeruf (DC BEE), Sylvia Goldsberry-Adams (DC BEE), James Hoover (Dominion), John Poulos (Dominion), John Groh (ESS), Steven Pearson (ESS), David Beirne (ETC), David Drury (FL DOE), Kurt Browning (SOS FL), Kathleen McGregor (Freeman, Inc.) Paul Craft (Freeman, Inc.), Wes Tailor (GA ED), Andy Rodgers (Hart InterCivic), Carolyn Coggins (iBeta), Diane Felts (IL SBOE), Brad King (IED), Michael Mauro (IA SOS), Brad Bryant (KS ED), Paul Aumayr (MD SBOE), Christopher Thomas (MI BOE), Lester Sola (Miami-Dade SOE), Michael Johnson (Miami-Dade SOE), Bernie Hirsch (MicroVote), Gary Poser (MN SOS), Justus Wendland (MT ED), Jacques Hulshof (NV Nedap), Gordon Gillerman (NIST), John Wack (NIST), Lynne Rosenthal (NIST), Ryan High (NV SOS), Anita Baca (NM SOS), Douglas Kellner (NY SBOE), Keith Long (NC SBOE), Jim Irwin Silrum (ND SOS), Eleanor Speelman (OH SOS), Erick Gale (OH SOS), Kirk Walter (OH SOS), Terry Dick (OH SOS), Dave Franks (OR SOS), David Burgess (PA SOS), James Kapsis (Precise Voting), Ian Piper (Premier), Kathy Rogers (Premier), Talbot Iredale (Premier), Robert Rapoza (RI SBOE), Edwin Smith (Sequoia), Michelle Shafer (Sequoia), Jennifer Headlee (SD SOS), Traci Mapps (SysTest Labs), Mark Phillips (SysTest Labs), Juanita Woods (TX ED), Larry Holmstrom (TruVote), Jennifer Daehn (US House Admin. Comm.), Peter Schalestock (US House Admin. Comm.), Thomas Hicks (US House Admin. Comm.), Chris Ortiz (Unisyn), Doug Jones (U of IA), Pamela Smith (VVF), Kathy DeWolfe (VE SOS), Alfred Giles (VA SBOE), Nick Handy (WA SOS), Ross Hein (WI GAB-ED), Frank Padilla (Wyle), Jack Cobb (Wyle), R. Bruce Bateman (Wyle), Peggy Nighswonger (Wyle)

Sessions and Presentations

Sessions and Presentations
  • Breakout Session 1:  Controlling Cost of Testing by David Beirne

  • Breakout Session 2:  Balancing Quality Testing and Cost by Mark Skall and Stephen Berger

  • Breakout Session 2:  Handout:  Reducing Cost Improving Effectiveness White Paper - Balancing Quality Testing and Cost by Mark Skall and Stephen Berge

  • Breakout Session 3:  Engineering Change Orders by Mr. Steve Pearson

  • Guest Speaker 1:  The Honorable Kurt Browning, Florida Secretary of State

  • Guest Speaker 2:  Mr. Merle King, Center for Election Systems, Kennesaw State University

  • Day 1 Presentation:  Unified Testing Initiative Overview by Brian Hancock

  • Day 1 Presentation:  Learning from Other People's Mistakes by Brian Hancock

  • Day 1 Presentation:  EAC Voting System Risk Assessment Project by Matthew Masterson

  • April 30, 2007 Cost of Testing Meeting

  • Steve Pearson, Election Systems & Software

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