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Voting Systems Under Test

EAC Certification Program is to provide clear procedures to Manufacturers for the testing and certification of voting systems to specified Federal standards consistent with the requirements of HAVA Section 231(a)(1).

Under this program, the testing and review process requires the completion of an application, employment of an EAC-accredited laboratory for system testing, and technical analysis of the laboratory test report by the EAC. The result of this process is an Initial Decision on Certification.

Below is a comprehensive update of all voting systems in for EAC certification. To track the weekly progress of each test campaign, check out our "Voting System Testing Update" blogs.  

 Systems Under Test
Highlighted box indicates current phase of test campaign
Voting System Name
Application Accepted
Pre-Test Plan
Test Plan
Test Report
Final Certification Process
ClearVote 1.4 PRO V&V 05/04/2016          
Democracy Suite 5.0 PRO V&V Dominion 05/06/2016          
EVS (Modification)  NTS ES&S 09/14/2016          
elect Quad Audit 4.4.0 PRO V&V Everyone Counts 10/06/2016          
SLI Global  Hart interCivic 09/07/2016          


The Clear Ballot Group

ClearVote 1.4

05/04/16 -- Approval Letter of Voting System Testing Application Package


Dominion Voting Systems

Democracy Suite 5.0

09/19/16 -- Final Test Plan - Rev. B (PV&V)

09/16/16 -- Approval Letter - Test Plan Rev. A

09/09/16 -- Approved Test Plan - Rev. A (PV&V)

07/20/16 -- Draft Test Plan (PV&V)

05/06/16 -- Approval Letter of Voting System Testing Application Package


Election Systems and Sofftware 

EVS (Modification)

09/29/16 -- Draft Test Plan (NTS)

09/14/16 -- Approval Letter of Voting System Testing Application Package


EVS (Modification)

This test campaign has been suspended for 120 days on the request of the manufacturer as of March 22, 2016

08/31/15 -- Final Test Plan - Rev. C (NTS)

08/14/15 -- Approval Letter - Test Plan Rev. B

08/11/15 -- Approved Test Plan - Rev. B (NTS)

07/24/15 -- Draft Test Plan - Rev. A (NTS)

06/26/15 -- Draft Test Plan (NTS)

02/23/15 -- Approval Letter of Voting System Testing Application Package


Everyone Counts

eLect Quad Audit 4.4.0

10/06/16 -- Approval Letter of Voting System Testing Application Package 


Hart InterCivic

Verity Voting 2.2 (Modification)

10/21/16 -- Draft Test Report - Ver. 1.0 (SLI)

10/20/16 -- Final Test Plan - Ver. 1.2 (SLI)

10/19/16 -- Approval Letter - Test Plan Ver. 1.2

10/19/16 -- Approved Test Plan - Ver. 1.2 (SLI)

10/07/16 -- Draft Test Plan - Ver. 1.1 (SLI)

09/14/16 -- Draft Test Plan - Ver. 1.0 (SLI)

09/07/16 -- Approval Letter of Voting System Testing Application Package


MicroVote General Corp.

EMS 4.2 (Modification)

03/08/16 -- Draft Test Plan (PV&V)

02/19/16 -- Approval Letter of Voting System Testing Application Package