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Note: If you wish to vote absentee and are a uniformed service member or family member or a citizen living outside the U.S., contact the Federal Voting Assistance Program to register to vote.

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Military and Overseas Voters

EAC has several projects under way to assist states in serving military and overseas citizens who register and vote absentee under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act. Learn more

Requests for Interpretation

A Request for Interpretation is a means by which a registered Manufacturer or VSTL may seek clarification on a specific EAC voting system standard (VVSG or VSS). An Interpretation is a clarification of the voting system standards and guidance on how to properly evaluate conformance to it.

VVSG 1.1

RFI 2016-02 -- EAC Decision on Environmental Control Testing: Operating

RFI 2016-01 -- EAC Decision on Display Pixel Pitch

RFI 2015-05 -- EAC Decision on Touchscreen Technology

RFI 2015-04 -- EAC Decision on Visual Display Characteristics; Minimal display area

RFI 2015-03 -- EAC Decision on Ballot Reading Accuracy

RFI 2015-02 -- EAC Decision on Certification Test Fixtures

RFI 2015-01 -- EAC Decision on Testing Breadth

VVSG 1.0 (2005)

RFI 2015-05 -- EAC Decision on Touchscreen Technology

RFI 2013-04 -- EAC Decision on Usability Testing

RFI 2013-03 -- EAC Decision on Timestamps

RFI 2013-02 -- EAC Decision on Audio Presentation Volume Levels 

RFI 2013-01 -- EAC Decision on the Extensions Clause

RFI 2012-06 -- EAC Decision on Use of Public Telecommunications Networks and Data Transmission

RFI 2012-05 -- EAC Decision on Public Telecommunications and Cryptography 

RFI 2012-04 -- EAC Decision on Software Setup Validation

RFI 2012-03 -- EAC Decision on Configuration Management of COTS Products 

RFI 2012-02 -- EAC Decision on Transmission of Results (Official and Unofficial Results) 

RFI 2012-01 -- EAC Decision on Ballot Handling - MultiFeed 

RFI 2010-08 -- EAC Decision on Calling Sequence 

RFI 2010-06 -- EAC Decision on DRE Accessibility Requirements and Other Accessible Voting Stations

RFI 2010-05 -- EAC Decision on Testing of Modifications to a Certified System

RFI 2010-03 -- EAC Decision on Database Coding Conventions

RFI 2010-02 -- EAC Decision on Coding Conventions

RFI 2009-01 -- EAC Decision on VVPAT Accessibility

RFI 2008-12 -- EAC Decision on Ballot Marking Device/Scope of Testing

RFI 2008-10 -- EAC Decision on Electrical Fast Transient

RFI 2007-06 -- EAC Decision on Recording and Reporting Undervotes

RFI 2007-05 -- EAC Decision on Testing Focus and Applicability

RFI 2007-04 -- EAC Decision on Presentation of Alternative Language

RFI 2007-03 -- EAC Decision on Summative Usability Testing

RFI 2007-01 -- EAC Decision on Accessible Design

VSS (2002)

RFI 2007-02 -- EAC Decision on Variable Names

VSS (2002) & VVSG 1.0 (2005)
RFI 2010-07 -- EAC Decision on Module Length

RFI 2010-04 -- EAC Decision on Functional Requirements with Respect to Security

RFI 2010-01 -- EAC Decision on Voltage Levels and ESD Test

RFI 2009-06 -- EAC Decision on Temperature and Power Variation

RFI 2009-05 -- EAC Decision on T-Coil Requirements 

RFI 2009-04 -- EAC Decision on Audit Log Events

RFI 2009-03 -- EAC Decision on Battery Back Up for Central Count Systems

RFI 2009-02 -- EAC Decision on Alternate Languages

RFI 2008-09 -- EAC Decision on Safety Testing

RFI 2008-08 -- EAC Decision on Automatic Bar Code Readers

RFI 2008-07 -- EAC Decision on 0' Count to Start Election

RFI 2008-06 -- EAC Decision on Battery Backup for Central Count

RFI 2008-05 -- EAC Decision on Durability 

RFI 2008-04 -- EAC Decision on Supported Languages

RFI 2008-03 -- EAC Decision on OS Configuration

RFI 2008-02 -- EAC Decision on Battery Backup for Optical Scan Voting Machines

RFI 2008-01 -- EAC Decision on Temperature and Power Variation