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Note: If you wish to vote absentee and are a uniformed service member or family member or a citizen living outside the U.S., contact the Federal Voting Assistance Program to register to vote.

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Military and Overseas Voters

EAC has several projects under way to assist states in serving military and overseas citizens who register and vote absentee under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act. Learn more

Accredited Test Laboratories

The following voting system test laboratories have been accredited by EAC to test voting systems. For more information about the test laboratory accreditation process, visit the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Accredited Test Labs

NTS Huntsville (formally Wyle Laboratories)
7800 U.S. Highway 20 West
Huntsville, AL 35806
Ryan Chambers, Voting Systems Program Manager
Phone: 256-716-4225

03/05/14 -- NTS completes acquisition of Wyle Laboratories, Inc.

04/11/12 -- Wyle Quality Assurance Letter of Agreement

04/11/12 -- Wyle Quality Assurance Letter 

05/04/10 -- Wyle Accreditation Certificate

10/14/09 -- Wyle Quality Assurance Letter

10/04/07 -- Wyle Accreditation Certificate

09/25/07 -- Wyle Quality Assurance Letter

01/11/07 -- EAC letter to Wyle Laboratories on partisanship in the workplace


Pro V&V 
700 Boulevard South, Suite 102 
Huntsville, AL 35802
Jack Cobb, President 
Phone: 256-713-1111 

02/24/15 -- Pro V&V Accreditation Certificate 


SLI Compliance, a Division of Gaming Laboratories International, LLC (formerly SLI Global Solutions/SysTest Labs)
4720 Independence Street
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Traci Mapps, Director of Operations 
Phone: 303-422-1566 

01/11/16 -- Letter on Company Name/Address Change

10/01/10 -- Letter on Company Name Change

07/29/09 -- SysTest Response to EAC on Site Assessment

07/16/09 -- SysTest Accreditation Certificate

06/18/09 -- Final SysTest Policy and Procedures Laboratory Audit Report

03/05/09 -- EAC Notice to SysTest Labs Lifting Suspension of Accreditation

02/05/09 -- SysTest notifies EAC: Premier files suit against SysTest

11/19/08 -- EAC Approval of SysTest Remedial Action Plan

11/05/08 -- SysTest Cure Plan

11/05/08 -- SysTest Labs Request to Cure EAC Program Non-Compliance

10/31/08 -- SysTest Labs letter to EAC Regarding Suspension Notice

10/31/08 -- EAC Suspension of Accreditation Notice to SysTest Labs

10/08/08 -- EAC letter to SysTest Labs

08/11/08 -- EAC letter to SysTest Labs

08/08/08 -- NVLAP letter to SysTest Labs

08/04/08 -- SysTest Labs Letter to EAC

07/25/08 -- EAC letter to SysTest Labs

07/03/08 -- EAC letter to SysTest Labs

11/20/07 -- Correspondence between EAC, Sequoia, SysTest and iBeta (Notice of Non-compliance update):File 1File 2File 3

09/12/07 -- SysTest Labs response to EAC

09/11/07 -- EAC letter to SysTest Labs

02/28/07 -- SysTest Accreditation Certificate 

02/08/07 -- SysTest Quality Assurance Letter

01/11/07 -- EAC letter to Systest Labs on partisanship in the workplace


Expired Accreditation Test Labs

7800 Madison Blvd.
Suite 206
Huntsville, AL 35806
Phone: 256-895-2525

10/07/08 -- CIBER Accreditation Certificate

07/30/08 -- CIBER Certification of Laboratory Conditions and Practices

06/13/07 -- EAC Letter to Election Officials and Congress Terminating CIBER Interim Accreditation (Congress)

06/13/07 -- EAC Letter to CIBER Terminating Interim Accreditation 

06/12/07 -- EAC Memo & Tally Vote to Terminate CIBER's Interim Accreditation

05/15/07 -- CIBER Response to EAC Request

05/18/07 -- EAC Letter to CIBER

02/01/07 -- EAC Letter to CIBER Requesting Action

01/26/07 -- EAC Letter to CIBER Explaining Close of Interim Accreditation Program 

01/26/07 -- EAC Letter to CIBER Regarding Incomplete Assessment Records not Posted to EAC Website

01/03/07 -- Letter from CIBER to EAC Seeking Clarification for Not Recieving Accreditation

12/06/06 -- CIBER Follow-up Interim Accreditation Assessment

09/15/06 -- EAC Letter to CIBER Concerning Quality

07/17/06 -- EAC Assessment of CIBER and Wyle, Huntsville, AL

07/10/06 -- EAC Assessment of Systest Labs and Percept Technology Labs


iBeta Quality Assurance
3131 South Vaughn Way, Suite 650
Aurora, CO 80014
Mike Stark, Director of Sales and Marketing
Phone: 303-627-1110

11/29/10 -- iBeta's Intention to Withdraw from EAC VSTL Program

07/28/09 -- Final iBeta Policy and Procedures Audit Assessment Report

07/16/09 -- iBeta Accreditation Certificate

02/28/07 -- iBeta Accreditation Certificate

02/07/07 -- iBeta Quality Assurance Letter


InfoGard Labs
641 Higura St., Second Floor
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Tom Caddy, General Manager and Laboratory Director
Phone: 805-783-0889

11/05/08 -- NVLAP Letter Regarding Expiration of InfoGard Accreditation

06/20/07 -- InfoGard Accreditation Certificate

06/01/07 -- InfoGard Quality Assurance Letter